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Sylk and Sleep Co.

Eye Mask - Blush Pink

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Sleep better with our Blush Pink Mulberry Silk Eye Mask. Created to give you the ultimate two-in-one beauty sleep experience, our eco-friendly silk eye masks aim to enhance sleep quality, prevent premature ageing and hydrate the skin.

  • 22 momme silk fabric
  • Anti-ageing
  • Block out artificial light
  • Prevent micro tears 
  • Hypoallergenic and natural

Fitted with a plush filling and gathered silk band, you'll sleep in comfort without irritation. One size fits most. 


100% pure mulberry silk (22 momme)


Fitted with adjustable silk band. One size fits most.


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Care Instructions

Silk fabric is delicate in nature, so in order to prolong the life of your silk please follow the care instructions below.

-Hand or machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle
-Do not expose to direct sunlight for drying
-Use a mild silk-appropriate detergent/soap
-Do not bleach silk
-Do not spray deodorants or perfumes on silk
-Avoid ironing where possible, unless on a cool setting

Love me and I’ll love you right back!


How do I wash my silk eye mask? 

Our silk eye masks are made from high-quality grade 6A silk fabric, which means that you can wash your silk eye masks by washing in cold to lukewarm water using a silk-frendly detergent. Avoid bleach. Once washed, rinse out any detergent and lay to dry on a flat surface and avoid the use of a dryer.

Are your silk eye masks comfortable?

Our silk eye masks are made from high-quality silk fabric, filled with cushion insert for silky soft comfort. Fitted with a silk stretch band, our silk eye masks are comfortable and soft to wear to bed.

  • Silk fabric is 100% all natural. It is a renewable resource, biodegrable and uses far less than other fabrics

  • Silk contains a unique and naturally-occurring function that helps to repel bacteria, fungi, parasites, algae, dust-mites, and certain viruses

  • Silk is the ultimate all-seasons fabric due to its natural temperature-regulating abilities

  • Silk fabric contains a protein known as Sericin. This makes silk a great choice for people with allergies, eczema and sensitive skin

  • Silk fabric aids in enhancing skin appearance, reducing fine lines and sleep creases, including micro tears, which can lead to premature ageing

  • Silk fabric contains 18 amio acids and tightly-woven long thread fibres making it incredibly hydrating for your skin and hair

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Feels so soft against your face and helps me to get a great night sleep. Looks and feels so luxurious and such a beautiful colour. Love it!


Love my silk eye mask! Feels so soft and comfortable against my skin. Drifting off into the clouds of dreamland has never been easier. Thank you xx


Love my silk eye mask ! Such a luxurious feel and look. Definitely worth purchasing !