Australian brand, Sylk and Sleep Co., was created with one thought in mind. Quality sleep. With this thought in mind, we wanted to create a sleep experience that simultaneously doubled as a beauty treatment.

This is when we introduced our first product, our eco-friendly 100% mulberry silk eye mask. Since then, we have expanded our brand to include several silk products and soy/coconut candles.

But this is not all we are about as a brand.​At the foundation of Sylk and Sleep Co., is sustainability. Conscious of our position as a brand and the environmental impacts of producing goods, we believe it is essential to reduce our carbon footprint. We make conscious efforts to achieve this through minimal packaging, using recyclable materials and other sustainable practices. Not to mention, we are plastic-free in our packaging (and proud)!​

At Sylk and Sleep Co. we are passionate about health and well-being, with the belief that the right tools can facilitate quality of sleep and the prevention of premature ageing. It is our goal to holistically improve the well-being of our customers both internally and externally.

Combining our key interests and researching the several benefits of silk, we believe including our current product range into your sleep routine and daily life is key to improving your quality of sleep, hair health and skin health, with the aim of providing you with endless beauty sleeps.