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10 benefits of silk

Dry hair? Regular breakouts? Damaged hair? We're guessing that if you're like us, you have probably tried every product and treatment under the sun. And let's be honest, that's a lot! But have you considered silk...

We've done the research, heard the experts and have been using silk for years now, so we know what we're talking about. And before you say it. Yes - we may be bias, but we're going to let silk do the talking for us.

1. Hydrate skin and hair
Jennifer Peterson, MD, a dermatologist at the Dermatology & Laser Surgery Center in Houston recommends the use of silk. Why? Silk is constructed of tightly woven fibres that not only retain skin and hair moisture, but boost hydration! Bye bye dry, flaky and dull skin and hair!

2. Reduces breakouts
Because silk is significantly less absorbent than its cotton counterpart, this reduces the bacteria, oils and germs from contributing to breakouts and acne...which leads us to our next benefit below.

3. Anti-microbial
Patrick Guerra, assistant professor of biology in UC’s College of Arts and Sciences recognises the anti-microbial properties found in silk fabric. This unique and naturally-occurring function helps to repel bacteria, fungi, parasites, algae, dust-mites, and certain viruses.

4. Breathable
Due to the thin structure and insulating properties of silk fabric, it is relatively breathable. This is great for those with sensitive skin, women experiencing hot flushes and menopausal symptoms. Cotton, wools, synthetics and other materials are best avoided for these reasons.

5. Hypoallergenic
Allergy sufferers - silk is especially great for you as it is naturally hypoallergenic. This means silk pillowcases and sleepwear are great choices for those with easily irritated skin, allergies, eczema and sensitive skin. This is largely due to the Sericin found in silk fabric.

6. Prevents hair damage
Due to silk's long smooth thread fibres and its natural anti-friction structure, this aids in preventing hair damage, reducing hair frizz and split ends. Unlike cotton and synthetics, silk is gentle on hair. Say goodbye to bed hair, and hello to soft silky locks.

7. Thermo-regulating
Silk is a natural fabric, which contains a unique thermo-regulating ability. This helps to maintain body temperature when slept on throughout the night, that other fabrics, including cotton, can't compete with. Silk is the ultimate all-season fabric.

8. Anti-ageing
Silk fabric naturally contains 18 essential amino acids for the ultimate beauty treatment, night after night. This aids in enhancing skin appearance, reducing fine lines and sleep creases, including micro tears, which can lead to premature ageing.

9. Enhance effectiveness of skincare products

Because silk is considerably less absorbent than cotton and other fabrics. Silk helps the retention of skincare products including serums and moisturisers over night while you sleep. If you're using a cotton pillowcase, a lot of your skincare products won't have a chance to absorb and be effective on your skin.

10. Reduces environmental impact
Silk is a 100% natural fabric making it a more sustainable fabric choice. It is a renewable resource, biodegradable and uses far less water and chemicals than other fabrics. Other fabrics, including cotton, can be extremely harmful on the environment. This includes using large amounts of water and toxic chemical pollution in its production. 





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